INTRODUCTION our drama stimulus wasn’t really about refugees but it was about a old man who had alzheimer disease and he couldn’t remember his home life. Basing around the question “can love be love be forgot” This links to how the refugees missed there home and they regret when they leave. Men now struggle to […]

I think to call India a undeveloped country is not fair because in some parts of the country their are business men leaving 5 star hotels in expensive cars but a large number of Indian citizens live in poverty and unemployment. India, Indonesia and Pakistan have millions kids from the age 6 to 11 that […]

Talk about how the character of the FOREMAN would be performed according to his motivation and objectives. The Forman’s motivation would be fear . He knows that if he didn’t get the work done in time he’d die. The Forman is the head of the building operation but still a builder himself . But because […]

Boisterous is a adjective that describes The noun manner this is the best adjective because Dr lanyon manner is described as boisterous and boisterous means roudey and excited so it sums up his old personality When Stevenson says that lanyon went from rosy cheeked man to then going to pale do maybe lanyon never took […]

In the chapter mr utterson is seemed to be outside dr jekylls house Utterson and Jekyll start having a conversation about somethin Jekyll has done Jekyll received a letter from somebody and asks utterson what to do with it Jekyll then hands over the letter to utterson utterson says that the letter is signed by […]

The Killers is a story about a young man and his work friends. they are having a normal day until two men walk in and tell them to get on the floor. The two men say they are looking for a man. Homicide is more of a relaxed story. The scene was mainly a manipulation. […]